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Established in 2007, our purpose has always been to apply our legal expertise to assist our clients by finding the best solutions for their individual circumstances.

  • We work with our clients.

  • We keep our clients informed of the progress of their matter.

  • We ensure our clients get the best advice available.

  • We take the time to really understand our client's legal issues, and offer solutions accordingly for those issues.

  • We ensure our clients are given an indication of the cost of the legal services that we offer them at the outset.


Here at Sandran Balan & Associates, we offer numerous legal services to help you when you need it the most. Teamed with our reasonable pricing and friendly office atmosphere, we can guarantee you an easy, honest and straightforward experience.

About Us

At Sandran Balan and Associates, we develop strong relationships with our individual and business clients.

We get to know your personal goals, business aims and strategies. In a real sense, we become part of the team.

We also understand that as individuals and corporate people, you require the best legal advice you can get.

Our team provides comprehensive commercial advice, ranging from legal advice to commercial dispute resolution and litigation. Our firm can assist you in the following areas of practice:


We are experienced property lawyers, we can give you good advice relating to your sale or purchase of property


Our team has expertise in:

  • Preparation of Contracts for Sale and Purchase

  • Reviewing Contracts

  • Detailed Advice

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Auction Enquiries

  • Assistance with Identifying Suitable Opportunities for Finance

  • Advice on Loan and Mortgage Documents

  • Advising on Loan Refinancing

  • Property Developments

  • Property Subdivisions and Title Applications


We understand that success in business comes from solving problems ahead of the competition. We take the initiative and anticipate consequences and outcomes

for our business clients.

  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses

  • Commercial Acquisitions

  • Commercial and Business Structuring

  • Terms of Trade

  • Contracts and Commercial Agreements

  • Commercial Disputes

  • Franchises

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Commercial and Retail Lease

  • Incorporation of Company


We can assist you with Employment Agreements, offering advice on Employment Law, assisting with mediation, preparing application for Personal Grievance Claims.


We can assist you in setting up a family trust to protect your assets.


Sandran Balan and Associates recommend seeking the advice of an experienced solicitor in any of the matters that relate to estate and succession planning or estate administration. We understand that such matters are both sensitive and specific to the personal circumstances of each client. We work with you and to achieve your particular goals or meet your particular needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Probate
    Application to the High Court for Probate in instances where there is a valid Will and you have been nominated as the Executor of that Will. The High Court can then grant probate which authorises the executor to distribute the deceased estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

  • Letters of Administration
    If the case is complicated where a valid Will has not been left, then we can assist you with the application for Letters of Administration to the High Court. In these circumstances, there is legislation that details how an estate may be distributed and by whom. The High Court can appoint an Administrator to distribute the estate.

  • Claims Against Estates
    If you expected to be a beneficiary of a Will but have not been provided for, you may be able to make a claim against the distribution of any estate, provided you can clearly set out reasons as to why you should be considered a beneficiary of the deceased estate.


  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
    We always recommend keeping your estate planning documents up-to- date as it makes distributing your estate far easier on your beneficiaries in what is already a stressful and difficult time.


Family law is a constantly changing area that calls for specialist advice. No matter how simple or complex a set of circumstances is, we will work with you to resolve your matter.

We are sensitive to the personal circumstances of each client and we know that advice or representation in family law matters must be coupled with an awareness of your personal needs. We promote methods of alternative dispute resolution such as conciliation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative law process.

Marriage breakdown often includes business disputes with significant commercial consequences. A spouse may be a shareholder in a company jointly owned with the other, a beneficiary in a trust or a co-owner of land. Our experience enables us to advice on every aspect of your relationship and the consequences of its breakdown.

We strive to ensure that you derive the benefit of our combined knowledge and can be assured that your matter will always receive the attention it deserves.

We offer advice in the following areas of Family Law:

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Mediated and Negotiated Disputes

  • De-Facto Relationship Disputes

  • Separation Agreements

  • Spousal Maintenance

  • Property Settlements

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Areas of Practice
Our Team

Sandran Balan is the principal of Sandran Balan & Associates.


I graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in 1997, and in 2007 I completed a postgraduate Certificate in Law. Prior to commencing practice in New Zealand, I practiced as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia.   


I have over 20 years experience to my name. I established Sandran Balan & Associates in 2007, providing effective and efficient legal solutions to clients for the past 10 years.

Contact Us

T (09)8159888

M 021718859

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Unit 10, St Lukes Business Park

49 Sainsbury Road, Mt Albert

Auckland 1025

​PO BOX 16160 Sandringham

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